Legs in fishnet stockings

WICKED WOMEN (Working Title)

Drama Feature Film
Writer & director – Kate Lefoe

As a teenager in the 90s, I didn’t see any lesbians like me onscreen. Except maybe Xena. Id call video stores all over Wollongong tracking down lesbian videos and wait until my parents were asleep to watch them. It was thrilling but I felt far away from anyone like me. When I discovered the art journals of Lisa Salmon and the magazine WICKED WOMEN in the Australian Gay and lesbian archives, I knew it was a film I had to make.

Set in Sydney during the late 80s, the true story of WICKED WOMEN follows Lisa Salmon through her twenties, where together with her lover Francine, and eventually with bunch of like minded rebels, they fight to give radical female sexuality an expression through their debaucherous parties and performances, the creation of Australias first Lesbian erotica magazine, and eventually uniting gays, lesbians with fetish and leather communities.

From her passionate BDSM relationship with Francine, who would transition to become Jasper, to her provocative and romantic explorations of polygamy, and her infinite quest for self-expression and the creation of a safe community to do so, Lisa Salmon was bold and uncompromising as a political, artistic and sexual revolutionary.