Two girls sunbathing

TWINGERS – Comedy Web Series
On their 16th birthday, redheaded Rusty and brunette Maddy are rocked by news that they’re not really twins – they’re adopted. Stricken, they flee their party and stumble upon a group of Ginger Supremacists stealing a non-ginger soul. This discovery propels Russ and Maddy to uncover the “ginger conspiracy”, a secret battle between good and bad gingers for the souls of all of humankind. As Rusty explores his ginger “roots” with new friend and Ginger Supremacist Luke, and Maddy discovers her sexuality with Redhead Resistance leader Hillary, the once close siblings find that growing up might also mean growing apart. As the ginger war finds its way into the family home, Maddy and Rusty must reignite their twinger-ness, or say goodbye to all the souls they hold dear.

With action, comedy, and a bit of teen-romance, Twingers is a story about finding the strength to fight together against the bully – because not doing so might literally cost you your soul.

Writers – Meegan May & Lauren Anderson
Director – Kate Lefoe
Producer – Hayley Adams

Shortlisted for Screen Australia’s Hot Shots Plus Program 2017
Winner of Savage Rentals Platinum Sponsorship Package 2017