Two ginger haired women with sunglasses

WICKED WOMEN (Working Title)
Drama Feature Film
Writer & director – Kate Lefoe

As a teenager in the 90s, I didnt see any lesbians like me onscreen. Except maybe Xena. Id call video stores all over Wollongong tracking down lesbian videos and wait until my parents were asleep to watch them. It was thrilling but I felt far away from anyone like me. When I discovered the art journals of Lisa Salmon and the magazine WICKED WOMEN in the Australian Gay and lesbian archives, I knew it was a film I had to make.

Through love, leather and liberation, the film Wicked Women explores politics, identity, and community. Because sometimes if you dont like the room you’re dancing in, maybe its time to start your own party.

Comedy Web Series

When redheaded twin sisters discover they are the Chosen Ones in a fight between good and evil gingers, they must conquer their sibling rivalry to save the world’s souls.

With action, comedy, and a bit of teen-romance, Twingers is a story about finding the strength to fight together against the bully – because not doing so might literally cost you your soul.

Writers – Meegan May & Lauren Anderson
Director – Kate Lefoe
Producer – Hayley Adams

Shortlisted for Screen Australia’s Hot Shots Plus Program 2017
Winner of Savage Rentals Platinum Sponsorship Package 2017